Anxiety.  It can be an UGLY word and an UGLY emotion. Anxious: full of mental distress; greatly worried According to WebMD, anxiety is linked to mental disorders, panic attacks, and social disorders. The site also includes symptoms of extreme anxiety include: feelings of panic, fear, uneasiness problems sleeping not able to be still and calm … Continue reading Ensnared


This is the point in my blog, where I need to move beyond the impact of the move on our family, to the funny, quirky, everyday happenings that make me smile, because life goes on (Ob la di ob la da life goes on bra).  It has been 5 months since we moved, which is … Continue reading Transitioned


It had to be done.  I missed my people.  My kids missed their people.  We had to make a visit to Virginia.  Four kids.  One adult.  15 hour road trip.  Its enough to make you NOT want to attempt it. The day after Christmas, we hopped in the car, fully stocked with snacks, movies, and … Continue reading Captured


"What do you want for Christmas Eve dinner?" I asked my husband while we were sitting in our bedroom. We were watching TV and trying to focus over the relentlessly barking dogs on the other side of our window.  I had focused Christmas Day prep along with packing for our trip to Virginia and had completely … Continue reading Unexpected


I wasn't ready. Uprooting and relocating is one thing, but completely redefining how you celebrate the holidays is another.  I didn't know what to expect.  I wasn't grieving, but I wasn't ready to do anything different. I tried to avoid Thanksgiving at home.  At first we attempted a trip to Houston, then a trip to … Continue reading Redefined