Dear Teachers

In one week, you will receive my babies into your classroom.  I have no doubt you have been planning, not just days, but weeks and months for this moment.  You have expended your own bank accounts as the classroom budget would never allow for the extra necessities that would make their first minutes extra special. … Continue reading Dear Teachers

Grow Up and Pray

I have been procrastinating.  God put this topic on my heart weeks ago and I have been chewing it like cud ever since.  He just won't leave me alone about it. The racial tension, political tension, whatever tension that continues to rise in this country, sickens me.  I have never been one to like any … Continue reading Grow Up and Pray

A Long Way Off

The parable of the lost son is one that I have known my whole life.  Growing up in church, it was a part of the children's curriculum each year.  I have read it repeatedly throughout the years and have seen multiple versions played out.  Even Veggie Tales has their own take on the prodigal.  Too … Continue reading A Long Way Off