Book Review: “Church of the Small Things”

Church of the Small ThingsThere is only one author, who I can honestly say I have read every book she has written and eagerly await the next book to be released.  Melanie Shankle has three New York bestselling books and her new work, “Church of the Small Things” will be sure to follow.

On October 3, 2017, the world will once again be able to experience Melanie’s wit and prolific story-telling ability.  Known for giving her readers a taste of her life from childhood to college, married life to being a soccer mom, this book carries us through the stories that have made Melanie’s life richer.  They are first-hand accounts that bring laughter and tears, causing the reader to reflect on her own life and how even the minute events can shape your soul into a big life.  She sums it up beautifully on the final page, “I’ve learned that the best way to live is to look for God in the church of the small things.  The church of the small things is where God does his best work.  The church of the small things is where the majority of us live every day.”

It would be difficult to narrow down my favorite story, the biggest “laugh out loud”,  or the most defining moment, but the chapter that brought my heart to its knees is entitled “Baby Sister”.  Because you see, I am one.  And like Melanie, my sister is also named, Amy.  “Sisters can either be best friends or sworn enemies depending on the day and sometimes the hour”.  This always made for an eventful childhood as baby sisters always found a way to embarrass our big sisters by merely exhaling.  But as my Amy and I have grown up, now with families of our own, Melanie’s sentiments echo mine precisely. “Amy is the only person in the world who shares my entire life story.” and “Sometimes you’re fortunate enough to have one of your best friends born right into your own family.  You know each other’s stories, you feel each other’s pain, you rick each other’s babies, and you hold each other’s hands as you go through life.  You forgive the bad, remember the good, and are forever grateful that there is someone in the world who know you so well and loves you anyway.”  My big sister, Amy, is definitely a part of my “church” as we have walked our years together.

I encourage you to check out Melanie Shankle’s “Church of the Small Things” wherever books are sold on October 3rd.  You can also pre-order on Amazon.

While you wait for your book, here is the trailer: Church of the Small Things

You can also read Melanie’s other books: Sparkly Green Earrings , The Antelope in the Living Room , and Nobody’s Cuter than You .  These books are fantastic book club reads.

Look for Church of the Small Things Bible study materials coming soon!



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