Trying Something New

I still consider myself an amateur at this blogging thing. There is always something new to learn, something to push me and grow me in this world of writing.

I recently became a member of Hope*Writers, an online community of writers in different stages and ages, working toward a variety of goals. Immediately I was able to find the writing stage I am in and figure out my next step to grow my writing audience. I am so thankful for some direction in my writing career.

Here is my next step. It involves you, sitting on the other side of this screen. I would be honored if you would subscribe to my blog. You may already be a follower, but if you would go a step further and put in your e-mail address, I have a free gift for you.  If I don’t have your e-mail, I have no way of sending you the download. The e-mail submission box is to the right of this post at the very top of the screen.

For the past few weeks, I have been putting together a seven day devotional on some of Jesus’ parables. If you would subscribe to my blog, you will receive the devotional in your inbox as a gift from me. If you are already an e-mail subscriber, look for an e-mail from me, asking your permission to send you the free download.

I promise not to flood your inbox with spam mail. You will only receive e-mails when I upload a new post to the blog. Later on, you may be notified of a new free download or giveaway.

I am grateful that you take the time to read my words. It is my prayer that I can inspire, encourage, and point you to God. Thank you for being a subscriber and a friend.

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