Summer Sprint

The school year is over. My brain is now in summer mode. I have plans, y’all, plans to do great things this summer like: de-cluttering, organizing, reading, and summer workbooks. I know these things won’t be achieved, but I feel like I have accomplished something simply by planning to accomplish it. That can’t be too bad, right?

I have been overwhelmed with the outpouring of support for my Bible Study “30 Days with John”. My church is using the study for their women’s summer Bible study. I can’t describe the feeling of people sitting down and discussing the words on the pages of a book with my name on it. I am humbled that God would turn something so small and insignificant to me, into something greater. That’s what He does. He is always in the business of surprising me. I hope I’m never used to it.

Although I am not leading one of the church studies, I am leading an online study for my church. I love the enthusiasm the ladies in the online group bring. Only one session in and I can tell we are going to have a fantastic few weeks together.

The second online group, open to Facebook friends and followers will begin on Sunday night at 8pm. I will open with an overview of the study and a little bit about what to expect from our time together. I would love for anyone to join us, but for now females only. The group will be public on Sunday, but then I will close it for privacy purposes on Monday.

Follow the link to join the Sunday group!

30 Days with John Online Bible Study

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