Living Known

**This is the final article in my blog series of Being Known. You can catch Part 1 and Part 2 here. What does it look like to live a life of feeling KNOWN by God? Living with an awareness of feeling known is a work in progress and not something I have mastered, not many … Continue reading Living Known

To Be Known – Part 2

**This is the second part to the post from last week.** We all have people in our lives that "rub" us the wrong way. I am sure I am one of those people to others. I even annoy myself sometimes. Personalities are so diverse they clash. Its simply the nature of our humanity. Think back … Continue reading To Be Known – Part 2

To Be Known – Part 1

In my home as a child, we always had what we needed but seldom an abundance of anything...except books. I always had a book to read and cherished the stories on those pages. If I have carried anything from my childhood over to my own children it is a love for reading. I read aloud … Continue reading To Be Known – Part 1