Celebrating the Harvest

The seasons of our lives are unpredictable, often causing fear. Change isn’t always welcome. King Solomon recognized this when he wrote in Ecclesiastes 3. Our world changes. Its inevitable. While we can try resist new seasons, God's hand will usher them in whether we like them or not. We can easily feel fearful of new … Continue reading Celebrating the Harvest

Workers of the Harvest

When I first stepped into a women's Bible study room, I was fresh out of college and new to the area. I had grown up in the church but after graduating and moving to a new town, a loving couple led my fiancé and me through the doors of their church. It was an experience … Continue reading Workers of the Harvest

Harvest: Deep Relationships

When I chose the theme Harvest for this month's blog I immediately thought of the book of Ruth in the Bible. The story uses a barley harvest to bring about significant changes for a destitute widow and her widowed mother-in-law as well as changes in the life of field owner.  Through their deep relationships with … Continue reading Harvest: Deep Relationships

Seasons of Weariness

Yesterday, I wrote a completely different post. I struggled with the entire thing. It couldn't find my voice and it just didn't seem real. So, I am starting over, even if it means the post goes out later than normal. My "Tuesdays at 2pm" goal will just have to change for today. My desire for … Continue reading Seasons of Weariness

Seasons of Harvest

This month's blog posts will center around the theme of Harvest. While most of us are not farmers and do not rely on a physical harvest of crops for our livelihood, we can all relate to the changes a harvest brings. A fall harvest brings farmers to the end of a season of growing and … Continue reading Seasons of Harvest