Don’t Waste This

It’s all still sinking in. We have been social distancing for almost a month. We are exploring uncharted territory as families and communities. While I am still processing all of this, as we all are, this one phrase won’t leave me.

Don’t waste this.

As all of our comforts are taken away and days are uncertain ahead of us, we still have a choice. We can not let this time pass without it moving us to transformation.

Transformation takes surrender.

This week, Holy Week, leading up to Resurrection Sunday also happens to be Passover. The Israelites were enslaved by the Pharaoh of Egypt because he felt threatened by their large number. God called Moses to rescue the Israelites and lead them to their promised land. A place they could call their own. The morning after Passover, when their doorposts dripped with lamb’s blood to save them from the angel of death, they surrendered to God and his plan for their lives. As they embarked on this unchartered territory, they had to surrender as God provided daily bread and water from rocks. They were being transformed from an enslaved people who relied on their captors for their meager sustenance, to a free people who trusted God with daily abundance.

Resurrection takes surrender.

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday. Jesus entered Jerusalem and with his eyes on the city, He wept. He cried tears for a people who would not surrender to the God who would bring them peace (Luke 19:41-42). The hope for resurrection in God’s people rested on Jesus’ shoulders.

In order to be revived, I must surrender to the One breathing life into me. In the darkness of this time, I have to trust God for his daily abundance. I have to trust God to resurrect my hope.

I will not waste this. At the end of this quarantine, I will not waste the opportunity for transformation. Do not miss the chance to be resurrected by the One who breathes life into each one of us.

I will continue to pray for a surrendered heart, ready for the resurrection to come. Now is the perfect time to pray for the transformation and resurrection of our world.

In February, I began a series of posts on prayer. The free download for email subscribers will now be posted for everyone who needs guidance in their prayers during this time. Click on the Prayer Guide tab to download the prayer cards.

Don’t waste this.

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