March Plan & Tips

How is your read-through going? To be honest I am a bit behind, but I’ll get caught up this week. If you are behind, no worries! Thankfully this isn’t a race. The important thing is that you are spending time in God’s word each day.

My daughter asked a great question this week. She said she felt like she wanted to get closer to God, but didn’t know how. I had two responses for her:

1 – Open the Bible. Pick a book and read a chapter a day. If you are a new Christian, or (like her) wanting to get closer to God, I recommend holding off on the chronological read through. Pick one of the first four books of the New Testament. I recommend John (and even wrote a Bible study on it here).

2 – Trust God’s Voice. When you feel God urging you to do something, follow that urging. Hearing God isn’t through an audible voice. It is sensing His guidance in your life. My daughter felt the urge to get closer to God, to know Him more. This was not an accident. God is always trying to pull his children closer. If you feel God’s urging, follow it. That is how you know get to know his “voice”. The more you follow, the more you can feel His guidance in your life. If you ignore His voice, you won’t know what it sounds like when He’s trying to speak.

Open your Bible, friends. You are called to be mature in your faith. While we will never know all there is to know about God and his Word, one way to move toward maturity is through getting to know your Creator through reading the Bible consistently.

If you struggle to make time, ask God to help you. Ask God to help you carve out time to open your Bible. Bring a Bible in the car. As you sit and wait for appointments or in the car rider line, it will be time well spent.

Listen to the Bible. There are many audio Bibles to choose from online, as well as Bible apps that offer audio features. Turn off the negativity on the radio during your commute and listen to scripture.

You can do this friends! Ask God to help you make it a consistent part of your day. He will do it because He always wants His children closer!

Here are some helpful sites:

Bible Hub

Bible Gateway Audio Bible

The Bible Recap – podcast for explaining the Bible

Happy March, Friends!

Published by Leah Lively

Born and raised in Virginia, Leah’s faith journey began in a loving family and a small church in a small town. She is a wife to one and a mom to four along with a sweet boxer pup. As writer, blogger, and an aspiring speaker, Leah also enjoys reading, watching movies with her hubby, and creating memories with her family. Leah is motivated by 2 Corinthians 13:11 where Paul encourages the church in Corinth to “become mature and be encouraged, be of the same mind, be at peace, and the God of love and peace will be with you.” She wants believers to grow in their faith and discover a hunger for God’s word. Leah’s genuine and authentic style of presenting the gospel lays a foundation for readers to learn more of God’s Truths. Through the challenges of life as a wife and mother, Leah's greatest desire is to let you know you are not alone and there is a God who can get you through the hard moments.

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