30 Days with John Study

May 1, 2019 – my first Bible study was published on Amazon.com Get the details in the blog post here! Grab a copy here.


This makes a great study for beginners or those who struggle to fit studying the Bible into their day. Easy to digest in the car rider line, soccer practice, or on your lunch break.

Review by Beth Townsend, Life on Purpose TV:

Has reading the Bible ever seemed a daunting task? Do you have trouble remembering dates and historical facts? Do you long for a better understanding of God’s Word? Sometimes even my best attempts to study and retain information leave me grasping to remember details.

In Leah Lively’s book, “30 days with John, A Journey with Jesus’ most Beloved Disciple”, you are invited to focus on one book of the Bible. This approach helped me to retain information vital to my faith. It offers such a warm approach to truly learning about a man, John, who walked and talked with Jesus. The summaries at the front of the book help to get a visual image of how life was for them during this time. 

“Daily devotions help the reader to get to know John, Jesus, and begin to internalize this amazing book of the Bible. What a great way to learn about our Lord and Savior!