About Me

Hello, friends!  Thanks for stopping by and reading my heart.  I am truly humbled and honored. I am Leah Lively, Virginia born and bred.  I am the wife of a hard-working husband and mom to four emotionally charged kids, not to mention our crazy boxer.

Originally, this blog was titled Bayou Blessings, serving as a record of our journey from Virginia to Louisiana and documenting where I saw God working in the midst of the chaos.  After ten months away from home, God called us back to Virginia, three hours east of the city we called home. Again, my eyes are focused on what God will do in our new home, not on the craziness and confusion that brought us here.

Since we starting over in our new town, we have begun traveling the path of chronic illness with our oldest daughter.  Some of my writing has turned from topics of moving to our journey with Fibromyalgia, but my words are always on where I see God’s intervention in our lives.

May 1 2019, I published a Bible study called “30 Days with John : A Journey with Jesus’ Beloved Disciple”. With a passion for helping others mature in their faith, I wanted to create a study that would serve as a guide through an entire book of the Bible. One that was neither too overwhelming for those new to studying nor for busy believers with small pockets of time in their day.

I look forward to getting to know you as you get to know me through my words. Thanks for stopping by!