Countdown to Launch … 6 … Overcoming Bible Study Obstacles Part 1

Studying the Bible on my own is not something I have always done nor have I wanted to. I faced many of the same obstacles others have, like not having the time to sit down and focus. I lacked the ability to understand the scripture and most of the time I just didn’t want toContinue reading “Countdown to Launch … 6 … Overcoming Bible Study Obstacles Part 1”

Countdown to Launch … 8 …

In one week my Bible study “30 Days with John” will be available on I am so thankful for all of the encouragement for the video I posted yesterday. As an official thank you, I am announcing a GIVEAWAY! The drawing will be held May 1, on release day. For each social media postContinue reading “Countdown to Launch … 8 …”