Not Your Typical Mother’s Day Post

Confession: This post is partly obligatory due to a conversation I had with my daughter yesterday: S: Mom, can I create a graphic for your Mother’s Day blog post? L: I don’t have a Mother’s Day blog post, but I thought about it. S: Well, can I create a graphic for it? So here isContinue reading “Not Your Typical Mother’s Day Post”

Lessons in the Valley: Overcoming the Stigma of Mental Illness

I never imagined that moment would come.  When you have children, you anticipate the first steps, words, and milestones.  This was not a milestone I had foreseen.  No parent ever really does, for that matter. Don’t misunderstand, I am a huge proponent of professional counseling.  I am a product of professional counseling, praise God.  IContinue reading “Lessons in the Valley: Overcoming the Stigma of Mental Illness”

Lessons in the Valley: Choosing What’s Doable

As parents, we have choices to make daily.  We have to determine what is best for each child at a given moment of the day.  Most of the time, it’s pretty clear-cut: eat, sleep, bathe, play, school, etc.  When it comes to a child with a chronic illness, those choices become a little more difficult.Continue reading “Lessons in the Valley: Choosing What’s Doable”

Lessons in the Valley: Perseverance

I have always loved school.  I was that kid that cried at the end of every school year, that kid that had dreams about school all summer long and couldn’t sleep the night before I donned my new school clothes and shoes.  I simply loved learning.  I adored my teachers, well most of them.  MyContinue reading “Lessons in the Valley: Perseverance”

Emptied, yet filled

I have wanted to sit down and write countless times prior to now.  I find myself in a state of void as my words, emotions, mental state have been spent.  The words I desire to peck out onto the keys before me lack any sort of cohesive structure. When your child is given a randomContinue reading “Emptied, yet filled”

Providential Perseverance

We weren’t ready.  After 10 months in Louisiana, we were called back to Virginia.  Although we wanted to stay, looked forward to continuing our bayou adventures, circumstances did not make sense for us to remain. “Movers move”, as I learned in my “Moving On” group, I just had no idea we would fall into thatContinue reading “Providential Perseverance”

Guest Post: The Price of Love

A Louisiana sister is posting on the blog today! I am so thankful God took me by complete surprise by sending me on a road trip with this complete stranger.  He knew I needed this soul-filled lady in my life.  Check her blog out over at Juliana Boudreaux is passionate about helping single momsContinue reading “Guest Post: The Price of Love”

Guest Post: God’s Love Saves Us

Another writer friend is sharing her words with us on my blog today.  Please visit her website for more beauty.  Enjoy! I’M KEAGAN, A CHRISTIAN COMMUNICATOR AND AUTHOR. There are only a few things in this life that make my heart skip a beat.   Jesus.  Family.  People. I am often caught off guard byContinue reading “Guest Post: God’s Love Saves Us”