Broken Silence: World Day Against Human Trafficking

This is my first blog post since July 1, when I chose to take a break to focus on “30 Days of Worship” with my Roots and Fruits group. The break was much needed, focusing my attention God and His direction. There are topics I choose to stay silent about in the online space. IContinue reading “Broken Silence: World Day Against Human Trafficking”

Don’t Waste This

It’s all still sinking in. We have been social distancing for almost a month. We are exploring uncharted territory as families and communities. While I am still processing all of this, as we all are, this one phrase won’t leave me. Don’t waste this. As all of our comforts are taken away and days areContinue reading “Don’t Waste This”

Prayer: Waging War on the Enemy

This post almost didn’t happen. The week leading up to writing this post and even while writing, I have had to stop and pray against attack. Words wouldn’t save, images wouldn’t upload right, and interruptions kept coming that couldn’t be ignored. Spiritual warfare is daily battle with an unseen attacker. It sounds like something dangerousContinue reading “Prayer: Waging War on the Enemy”