Roots & Fruits

How many videos have you watched, or sites have you “pinned” that advertise:

30 Days to Eating Healthier

30 Days to a Stronger Core

30 Days to Decluttering Your Home

We focus so much of our lives working toward physical, mental, and emotional health. What about spiritual health?

Whenever I ask, “What are obstacles regarding studying the Bible, daily prayer, etc.?”  the top three answers I receive are:

1 – Inability to focus

2 – Difficult to find time

3 – Lack of tools

That’s why I have created Roots and Fruits: 30-Day Journey Toward Deepening Roots and Producing Fruit. A program designed to focus on one Biblical, spiritual practice for thirty days. 

When you sign up for Roots and Fruits you have access to :

Private Facebook Page for accountability and encouraging one another

Materials for 30 days of study

Facebook Videos to enhance your study

In July, we launched “30 Days of Worship” where the group used scripture passages and a worship song to devote time to worshiping God each day.

Coming October 1 – 30“30 Days in Acts – A Journey: Igniting the Flame of the Early Church”

*Registration will open September 1.

Grab a group of friends to study the book of Acts using my new book, “30 Days in Acts”. The paperback books are available for purchase on my website and you will also have access to teaching videos for each week of Acts beginning October 5.

Here are the registration details:

For 30-Day access to the Roots & Fruits private Facebook group, videos, and Acts study the cost is only $20. This is for October 1-30, 2020.

To sign-up, fill out the information below with payment to get your “30 Days of Acts” Bible study mailed to you.


Roots and Fruits – 30 Days in Acts – A Journey: Igniting the Flame of the Early Church

You will receive: access to Private Facebook Group for accountability and encouragement, my new study "30 Days in Acts", and weekly teaching videos on Acts each Monday in October.


You can also pay with Venmo at @Leah-Lively-1

**If you already have a copy of “30 Days in Acts” and would like to participate in the private group, please fill in the information below to make other payment arrangements for the group and video access for $10.00.

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