Roots & Fruits

How many videos have you watched, or sites have you “pinned” that advertise?

30 Days to Eating Healthier

30 Days to a Stronger Core

30 Days to a Less Stressful Life

30 Days to Decluttering Your Home

We focus so much of our lives working toward physical, mental, and emotional health.

What about spiritual health?

How much of your time do you spend focusing on spiritual growth?

Whenever I ask, “What are obstacles regarding studying the Bible, daily prayer, etc.?”  the top three answers I receive are:

1 – Inability to focus

2 – Difficulty to find time

3 – Lack of tools

That’s why I have created Roots and Fruits: 30-Day Journey Toward Deepening Roots and Producing Fruit

This program is designed to focus on one Biblical, spiritual practice for thirty days. 

When you sign up for Roots and Fruits you have access to :

Private Facebook Page for accountability and encouraging one another

30-Day Interactive Download of daily materials

Facebook Live Videos for coaching, questions, and idea sharing

Each 30-day session will focus on a different topic or Biblical principle. There is a single focus for 30 days.  Possible topics are: prayer, worship, scripture memory, etc.  How much time you set aside is up to you. 

The goal of each 30-day session is to set in motion consistent growth in your spiritual life.  While I have not mastered every area of my spiritual journey (and will not until I am in eternity with Jesus) we can all encourage one another in our individual journeys.  I want to give you tools and accountability to help you work toward a more spiritually mature version of yourself.

The first Roots and Fruits group will begin on July 1.  The topic will be 30 Days of Worship. Each day there is short Bible passage, linked to an online Bible, to guide you and prepare you for worship. The worship song is linked to a video online. Listen once or multiple times. Don’t be afraid to sing at the top of your lungs, lift your hands, or kneel. Be free to express your worship unhindered. We were created for worship. Pray and ask God to help you focus on Him. Pray to help focus your mind and heart on your Creator.

Each Wednesday at 12pm, I will be on Facebook Live in the private group teaching on worship, its meaning, and our role as worshippers of God. I also invite you to share your experiences or struggles throughout the thirty days. There can be no encouragement and accountability without sharing our thoughts with one another

Interested? Here are the registration details:

For 30-Day access to the Roots & Fruits private Facebook group, videos, and materials the cost is only $15. This is for July 1-31, 2020. No homework! Just 10 minutes a day for scripture, prayer, and personal worship.

To sign-up, fill out the information below with payment to get your Roots & Fruits: 30 Days of Worship download and access to the private Facebook group.



Roots & Fruits – 30 Days of Worship

You will receive: access to Private Facebook Group for accountability and encouragement, 30-Day Interactive Download Packet for consistent focus on worship, and Live Videos for coaching and teaching.


You can also pay with Venmo at @Leah-Lively-1

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