It’s Here!!

For me, 2020 began strong.  I knew I wanted my new study on the book of Acts to be published around the same time as the John study last year.   May 2020 became my goal. I diligently studied and began writing while my children were in school each day...then March came and our schedules became intertwined. … Continue reading It’s Here!!

Launch Info

Here is a link to a video I posted on Facebook regarding the launch: Monday’s Launch Video Here is a link to the Virtual Facebook Launch beginning tomorrow at 11am. 30 Days in Acts Virtual Launch I will post a link to the book, available on Amazon soon! Subscribers, check your email tonight!

Virtual Book Launch

On Tuesday, head over to my Facebook page for the virtual launch for “30 Days in Acts”! From 11am-6pm, I will be checking in every hour on the hour with videos, 3 giveaways, and a free download! Here is the link to the launch: 30 Days in Acts Virtual Book Launch I hope to see … Continue reading Virtual Book Launch

Coming soon…

Y’all, I can’t wait to bring you my new Bible study on the book of Acts. I am still floating on the kindness I have received since releasing my “30 Days with John” study last year. Everything God put on my heart as a reason for writing my first study was echoed through those who … Continue reading Coming soon…

To Be Known – Part 1

In my home as a child, we always had what we needed but seldom an abundance of anything...except books. I always had a book to read and cherished the stories on those pages. If I have carried anything from my childhood over to my own children it is a love for reading. I read aloud … Continue reading To Be Known – Part 1

Countdown to Launch … 6 … Overcoming Bible Study Obstacles Part 1

Studying the Bible on my own is not something I have always done nor have I wanted to. I faced many of the same obstacles others have, like not having the time to sit down and focus. I lacked the ability to understand the scripture and most of the time I just didn't want to … Continue reading Countdown to Launch … 6 … Overcoming Bible Study Obstacles Part 1