When You Want to Give Up

I just can’t do it today.

One year ago, you couldn’t get out of bed.

I am so tired of being tired.

One year ago, noises drove you from stores.

Everything hurts.

One year ago you could barely walk.

I can’t tolerate anyone or anything right now.

One year ago your siblings feared you.

I just want to stay in my room, in my safe space.

One year ago no one was allowed to come into your room.

I just want to give up.

You have come so far in one year. Don’t let one stumble make you forget the leaps and bounds you have achieved. Don’t let one setback discourage you from the days ahead of you.

When the day darkens, the light gets that much brighter. Don’t let your light of hope dim with the darkening of the day. Let it shine brighter than ever before. Someone else may be searching in the midst of their darkness to find your light.

My daughter battles her chronic pain and anxiety, daily. She makes strides and has setbacks. She gets discouraged and loses hope. I remind her just how far she has come.

You friend, may be feeling the same. You may have setbacks in your health, in your marriage, in your parenting. Look how far you’ve come. Keep your hope alive. There is a bright light on the horizon of a new day!

One thought on “When You Want to Give Up

  1. What a great reminder! When we’re in the thick of things it feels like our suffering or hard times will never end–but we move through them, things get better even if they don’t always get solved or healed the way we’d like them to. Thanks for this.


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